1. #Team45 Has Saved 343 Lives!
  2. An End to Hunger is Closer Than You Think
  3. #Team45 Success Stories
  4. Bringing Peter Back to Health
  5. Caring for Zameer and His Mother
  6. Helping Hamsai and Her Community
  7. Giving Soumaya Treatment at Home
  8. Together, We've Saved a Lot of Lives. And We're Not Done Yet!
  9. Your Support Goes Further
  10. Thank You, #Team45!

#Team45 Impact

Lives Saved: January to March

#Team45 Impact
Lives Saved: January to March
#Team45 Has Saved 343 Lives!

Thanks to you, #Team45 is off to an amazing start!

Hunger fighters across the globe set goals, spread the word, and saved lives. And the results have been outstanding: So far, you and your fellow #Team45 members have raised $15,466.00 to benefit Action Against Hunger's lifesaving nutrition programs. Thank you for your support!

So, how does that translate to lives saved? The money you raised so far has helped us reach 343 children around the world!

An End to Hunger is Closer Than You Think

Hunger claims one million young lives every year, but for the first time in history, game changing solutions are within our reach. Using ready-to-use therapeutic foods, we can now treat children at home, and save lives at a scale never before imagined.

What makes ready-to-use therapeutic foods so special? They're highly nutritious and require no water, refrigeration, or preparation. This means that children can be treated at home instead of hospitals -- even children in remote areas. And with a 90% cure rate, RUTFs are our best weapon in the fight against deadly malnutrition.

Treatment with RUTFs can restore a child to full health in just 45 days. And it costs just $45 to provide a full course of this lifesaving nutrition treatment for a malnourished child -- which means for every $45 you raise, you help save one more child's life.

Thanks to ready-to-use therapeutic foods, we know how to fight deadly hunger. Thanks to your support, we’re one step closer to winning the fight.

#Team45 Success Stories

Your generosity has helped 343 children receive lifesaving nutrition over the past three months — children like Peter, a two-year-old boy in West Pokot, Kenya; Zameer, a little boy in Pakistan;  Hamsai, a twenty-month-old in Nigeria; and Soumaya, a two-year-old girl in Mauritania. Learn more about their struggle with deadly hunger, and how your support helped transform their lives.

Bringing Peter Back to Health

Peter was so severely malnourished that his fragile body couldn't fight off other diseases: he was also suffering from malaria and pneumonia. He was so sick that when his mother Mary brought him to our clinic in West Pokot, Kenya, she was afraid for his life. 

Peter Gets the Care He Needs

Peter Gets the Care He Needs

Peter's mother serves him milk formula specially designed to help children recover from malnutrition.

We gave him round-the-clock care and fed him therapeutic milk. Soon, he was stable enough for ready-to-use therapeutic foods. After a full course of nutrition treatment, Peter has new-found energy — he can't stop running around. And his mother can't hide her happiness.

We’re expanding our programs in Peter’s hometown to help more children like him get the care they need.

Caring for Zameer and His Mother

Zameer was born underweight and, at six months, was still not gaining weight because he had trouble nursing. Looking for help, Zameer’s mother brought her malnourished son to a community health clinic supported by Action Against Hunger in Dadu District, Pakistan.  

Ready-to-Use Food for Zameer

Ready-to-Use Food for Zameer

Zameer holds a packet of Plumpy'nut, one of the ready-to-use therapeutic foods (RUTFs) that we use to treat malnutrition. Three of these packets a day for 45 days restored Zameer's health.

While we gave Zameer therapeutic food to help him gain weight, we taught his mother how to keep him healthy after treatment with proper nursing and hygiene techniques. Zameer has recovered, and his mother brings him back to the health center for regular check-ups to make sure he continues to thrive.

Helping Hamsai and Her Community

In Dumbol, Nigeria, clean water is scarce, and the nearest health clinic is hours away, so many children get sick and have limited access to care. Hamsai, a 20-month-old girl, was one of those children. 

Children Getting Treatment

Children Getting Treatment

Hamsai is one of many children from her community that we're helping recover from malnutrition.

But when Action Against Hunger organized a community nutrition event in Dumbol, Hamsai’s mother heard about our nutrition treatment program and asked us for help. Hamsai received treatment with ready-to-use therapeutic foods, and she’s now back to full health.

Giving Soumaya Treatment at Home

With ready-to-use therapeutic foods, we can reach communities that don’t have health centers close by, and malnourished children can be treated at home. Our teams organize community events to distribute these nutritional supplements to families like Fatimatou’s in Nouackchott, Mauritania.

Detecting Malnutrition

Detecting Malnutrition

At each food distribution, our team members test Soumaya and other children are for malnutrition.

When Fatimatou noticed that her two-year-old daughter Soumaya was losing weight, she signed up to receive our supplementary foods. She tells us, “My daughter loves it, and I have noticed a big difference in her health. Last year, she was severely malnourished, but thanks to the supplementary foods, she’s back to her normal weight.”

Together, We've Saved a Lot of Lives. And We're Not Done Yet!

You've just met some of the children whose lives are healthier thanks to your support. But they're not the only ones. #Team45 is an ongoing campaign, and fundraisers like you are helping us reach more families in need this year.

Our goal is to reach 1,000 children by June 30th.

Thanks to you, we’re well on our way--and with your continued support, we know we'll reach our goal together!

Your Support Goes Further

As fundraisers, you're committed to ending deadly hunger. So are we. That's why we make sure the money you raise goes where it's needed most. In 2012, we spent $0.91 of every donated dollar on our lifesaving programs:

So you can feel good that you're not only supporting a vital cause, but a great organization as well! 

But don't just take our word for it: a number of independent watchdogs offer annual assessments of our agency’s fiscal and organizational health.

We've earned four stars from Charity Navigator for our financial transparency and efficiency for seven consecutive years. Only 2% of non-profits earn this distinction.

Thank You, #Team45!

The stories we've shared with you show how your efforts help save lives. Share them with your friends, family, and campaign supporters so they can see how they helped make a difference, too.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve accomplished your fundraising goal, we’re so grateful to have you on our team. On behalf of the children we help and our dedicated staff around the globe, thank you!

Special Thanks to Our #Team45 Leaders!

Want to become a #Team45 Leader? Check out these five steps to fundraising success and start saving lives!

Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger

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