1. Transforming Lives Together
  2. Bringing Peter Back to Health
  3. Piping Clean Water into Communities
  4. Growing Healthy Food for Healthier Families
  5. Responding to Crisis in the Philippines
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Your Support Saves Lives

Action Against Hunger Quarterly Progress Report

Your Support Saves Lives
Action Against Hunger Quarterly Progress Report
Transforming Lives Together

At Action Against Hunger, we’re on a mission: to end deadly hunger for good.
As a recognized leader in the fight against childhood malnutrition, we have the tools, the expertise, and the holistic approach needed to eradicate hunger.
And, most importantly, we have you.

Your generosity allows us to reach millions of people in need around the world. Last year, you were with us on on the front lines in more than 40 countries, helping us save lives, empower communities, and respond to crises.

Here’s a glimpse of how your support made a difference in 2013.

Bringing Peter Back to Health

Peter was so severely malnourished that his fragile body couldn't fight off other diseases: he was also suffering from malaria and pneumonia. He was so sick that when his mother Mary brought him to our clinic in West Pokot, Kenya, she was afraid for his life. 

Peter's mother serves him therapeutic milk that is specially formulated to help children recover from malnutrition. Photos: ACF-Kenya, S. Hauenstein-Swan.

Action Against Hunger-trained healthcare workers gave Peter round-the-clock care and fed him therapeutic milk. Soon, he was stable enough for ready-to-use therapeutic foods, which are specially formulated to treat malnutrition. After a full course of nutrition treatment, Peter has new-found energy—he can't stop running around. And his mother can't hide her happiness.

Your support provided essential nutrition and health support for nearly 136,000 people across Kenya in 2013—including thousands of malnourished children just like Peter.

Piping Clean Water into Communities

In the remote town of Popokapaka, D.R. Congo, children had no choice but to drink contaminated river water—and they were getting sick because of it. Waterborne diseases like cholera put children at greater risk for malnutrition, but these illnesses are preventable and treatable. 

A child in Popokabaka, D.R. Congo, collects clean drinking water from a new water point. Photo: ACF-DRC, J. Asenbrennerova.

So our water, sanitation and hygiene teams worked with community members to install 36 freshwater taps that are managed by local water committees. Now, the people of Popo have a pipeline. And a lifeline.

Your support helped nearly 283,400 people across D.R. Congo access safe water and sanitation in 2013—including 45,000 residents of Popokabaka and neighboring villages.

Growing Healthy Food for Healthier Families

In South Sudan, conflict and natural disasters have left millions of people struggling with chronic food insecurity and severe malnutrition. Agol Dut Dhol, a mother in the rural community of Madhol Payam, was no stranger to this struggle. 

Agol and other mothers in her community tend to their vegetable garden, which will produce nutritious food for their families. Photos: ACF-South Sudan, C. Doruseau.

When one of her children became malnourished, she sought help from a treatment center supported by Action Against Hunger. Now, to ensure that her family has enough food to stay healthy, we’re helping Agol and other mothers in her community maintain a vegetable garden.

Your support helped 80,240 people across South Sudan gain economic self-sufficiency in 2013—including 1,000 households like Agol’s that are participating in community garden projects.

Responding to Crisis in the Philippines

After Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines, millions of people were left without homes or basic services—including Condora Acosta, a resident of Tacloban, and her nephew, Lestor. Without access to clean water and safe sanitation, Lestor got sick. 

Condora holds her nephew Lestor at their neighborhood shelter, where they received essential emergency services after Typhoon Haiyan. Photos: ACF-Philippines, D. Burgui.

Condora and her family fled to a nearby shelter where our teams distributed hygiene kits full of supplies like soap, toothbrushes, and water purification tablets. These essentials helped little Lestor, and thousands of other people devastated by the typhoon, recover.

Your support provided critical emergency aid for 650,000 typhoon-affected people in the Philippines—including 12,000 hygiene kits for displaced families just like Condora’s.

Thank You for Your Support!

Your generosity has helped restore health, dignity, and independence for millions of people around the world. With your help, we're reaching even more people in need in 2014. And we’ll share more stories just like these with you throughout the year, so you can see how your support continues to make a difference.

Inspired by the stories you read here? There's more where they came from! Check out our blog to learn more about the progress we're making around the world.

On behalf of the communities we serve and our dedicated field staff around the globe, we thank you!

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Photo: ACF-CAR, B. Cichon. Cover photo: ACF-South Sudan, J. Seagle/Counterpart Images.