1. Google Saved Gilbert!
  2. That's a Lot of Lives Saved! How Does It Work?
  3. Who Did You Help?
  4. Caring for Zameer and His Mother
  5. Helping Hamsai and Her Community
  6. A Bright Future for Felix and Julius
  7. You Saved Lots of Lives! Here's More Good News.
  8. Thank You, Google!

Impact Report

Google Fall Hunger Campaign

Impact Report
Google Fall Hunger Campaign
Google Saved Gilbert!

Google's 2013 Fall Hunger Campaign was a huge success! 

From departments, business units, and international offices, Googlers across the globe hit one moonshot after another, racing to provide lifesaving nutrition for thousands of severely malnourished kids worldwide.

You and your fellow Googlers raised more than $1 million to benefit Action Against Hunger's lifesaving nutrition programs. Thank you for your support! 

So, how does that translate to lives saved? The money you raised helped us save 20,000 children around the world!

Photo: ACF-Kenya, S. Hauenstein-Swan

That's a Lot of Lives Saved! How Does It Work?

Deadly malnutrition affects millions of children worldwide, but it’s largely predictable and preventable -- we can save these children if we can reach them in time.

And for the first time in history, game-changing solutions are within our reach, allowing us to treat millions of children we couldn't before. We're scaling up our nutrition treatment programs using revolutionary ready-to-use therapeutic foods (RUTFs).

What makes ready-to-use therapeutic foods so special? They're highly nutritious and require no water, refrigeration, or preparation. This means that children can be treated at home instead of hospitals -- even children in remote areas. And with a 90% cure rate, RUTFs are our best weapon in the fight against deadly malnutrition.

And RUTFs are affordable. Just $50 provides a full course of therapeutic nutrition treatment for a malnourished child -- which means for every $50 you and your fellow Googlers gave, you helped save one more child's life.

Thanks to ready-to-use therapeutic foods, for the first time in history, we can end child deaths from hunger.

Photo: ACF-Kenya, M. Francia

Who Did You Help?

Your generosity helped some 20,000 children receive lifesaving nutrition — children like Zameer, a little boy in Dadu, Pakistan; children like Hamsai, a twenty-month-old girl in Dumbol, Nigeria; and children like Felix and Julius, twin boys in South Pokot, Kenya. Learn more about their struggle with deadly hunger, and how support from donors like you helped them regain their health.

Photo: ACF-Pakistan, courtesy Blackbox Sounds

Caring for Zameer and His Mother

Zameer was born underweight and, at six months, was still not gaining weight because he had trouble nursing. Looking for help, Zameer’s mother brought her malnourished son to a community health clinic supported by Action Against Hunger in Dadu District, Pakistan.

Ready-to-Use Food for Zameer

Ready-to-Use Food for Zameer

Zameer holds a packet of Plumpy'nut, a ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) we use to treat malnutrition. Three of these packets a day for 45 days restored Zameer's health. (Photos: ACF-Pakistan, courtesy Blackbox Sounds.)

While we gave Zameer therapeutic food to help him gain weight, we taught his mother how to keep him healthy after treatment with proper nursing and hygiene techniques. Zameer has recovered, and his mother brings him back to the health center for regular check-ups to make sure he continues to thrive.

Helping Hamsai and Her Community

In Dumbol, Nigeria, clean water is scarce, and the nearest health clinic is hours away, so many children get sick and have limited access to care. Hamsai, a 20-month-old girl, was one of those children.

Children Getting Treatment

Children Getting Treatment

Hamsai is just one of many children from her community receiving treatment for malnutrition. Your support helps us reach more children just like these. (Photos: ACF-Nigeria, S. Ananga Iyimoga.) 

But when Action Against Hunger organized a community nutrition event in Dumbol, Hamsai’s mother heard about our nutrition treatment program and asked us for help. Hamsai received treatment with ready-to-use therapeutic foods, and she’s now back to full health.

A Bright Future for Felix and Julius

Regina is the sole caretaker for her twin boys, Felix and Julius. After her husband’s death, she struggled to provide for her sons. At six months, she noticed they were not gaining weight, and one of them had fallen ill with diarrhea. A woman in her community of South Pokot, Kenya, urged her to seek help at a health center supported by Action Against Hunger.

Felix and Julius at Home

Felix and Julius at Home

After being treated in their local health center, the twins are stable enough to return home and continue visiting the health center for outpatient care. (Photos: ACF-Kenya, E. Chepkwony.)

In the health center's pediatric ward, Felix and Julius received therapeutic nutrition treatment and quickly gained weight. The twins are now healthy and back home with their mother, who is once again hopeful about their future. Regina says, “I am so happy my children can now smile and play.”

You Saved Lots of Lives! Here's More Good News.

You've just met some of the children whose lives are healthier thanks to your support. But they're not the only ones. Your support helps us reach more communities in need around the world. And when you give to Action Against Hunger, you know your money is going where it's needed most. In 2013, we spent $0.92 of every donated dollar on our lifesaving programs:

So you can feel good that you're not only supporting a vital cause, but a great organization as well! 

But don't just take our word for it: a number of independent watchdogs offer annual assessments of our agency’s fiscal and organizational health.

We've earned four stars from Charity Navigator for our financial transparency and efficiency for seven consecutive years. Only 2% of non-profits earn this distinction.

Photo: ACF-Syria, F. Seriex

Thank You, Google!

Thanks to your generosity, commitment, and enthusiasm, 20,000 children worldwide have a chance at a healthy start. That's incredible! On behalf of the communities we serve and our dedicated field staff around the globe, we thank you!

Special thanks to:

  • Linda for championing such a successful partnership!
  • Angela and Peter for the countless hours they spent creating, organizing, shipping!
  • John, Stephanie, Amanda for the very cool video!
  • Diane, Dyana, Jessan, the great sponsors from the Ggive team, who taught us how to navigate this effort and created the platform for the donations!

Are you inspired by these success stories? There's plenty more where they came from! Check out our blog for updates on our lifesaving programs and more ways for you to take action against hunger.

Photo: ACF-DRC, J. Asenbrennerova